Friday, August 20, 2010


Ok. I could start with Week 1 & that would seem logical since it is "52 weeks of Extraordinary" after all. However, a little intro & regrouping on my part might be a good idea....
Where did the idea originate? Simple - my sister in law, Amy, & I watch Grey's Anatomy regularly. And we discuss - a book club of sorts - just minus the book & add in a TV show. (Not very literary or sophisticated but nice little entertainment nonetheless.) The season finale's theme a couple of years ago was "Be Extraordinary". It was all about finding extraordinary - in the ordinary. The main character's dying mother wanted her daughter to be extraordinary & kept telling her she was nothing but ordinary because of her desire for work/life balance & a life of love. Before the mom died she realized that her daughter was extraordinary - because of what she had. That having a career, a life of love - those things made her extraordinary. Amy & I decided there that we were both going to be extraordinary.
Fast forward 18 months to last New Year's. I asked my dear sister in law how "being extraordinary" was going for her. Her response was exactly how I'd been living - we'd pushed it aside & just went through our lives without thinking about the extraordinary. Taking for granted the little things in our lives that, when combined, add up to a pretty fabulous life.We made it our New Year's resolution to live extraordinarily this year.... Fast forward to today - I haven't felt very fabulous or extraordinary this year - or at least not the bulk of it - not on a constant basis. I forget about the good things & let the little snags that are going to happen regardless of who you are or where you are - I've let those overwhelm me. No more! Today starts the journey of extraordinary.
I'm not planning on a trip around the world (although that would be super lovely) but I am planning on relishing in the little things as well as the big things - anything good, happy, positive. Like not putting off going to the gym. Like finally not letting eggplants intimidate me any longer & learning to cook them.  (Artichokes are next up - they better watch out!) Like enjoying the rose bushes I planted last spring & more importantly being thrilled that they are still alive & blooming! Simple things - all the little things in life that add up to me being me.
There's a little quote I read a few months back that I really like & want to start abiding by - "Live a life of love & you'll love the life you live." This is the only life I get - I'm going to make it extraordinary & I'm going to love the life I'm living.


  1. You are my extraordinary idol!! (Amy)

  2. I am with you on the eggplant! But I have a great way to cook artichokes! Our next time together I will share.