Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week 1

So, it’s been one of those weeks – you know the kind. Only a little more emotionally draining than a regular “one of those weeks”. A good friend was hospitalized (thankfully, now back home).  Another friend is losing her father-in-law. Work was hectic, draining. There came a point where all I wanted was to crawl in bed & stay there for three days.... However, I didn’t have that luxury. And looking back, I’m quite grateful that I didn’t.
Not only did I visit my friend – who seemed  amazed that I would drive 30 miles for a hospital visit & bring decent non-hospital issue food.  I also helped plan a baby shower for a very dear friend. Making a diaper cake, wrapping the most precious little present, planning menus and choosing floral arrangements ... all on top of my regular day-to-day stuff. And I’m so thrilled I did. I actually experienced the “it’s better to give than receive”. And they’re right – not just material giving, but giving of my time. Not only did I make others happy – doing so brought me joy. Joy that I wasn’t expecting really.  

When life is crazy and you’re being tossed lemons on a daily basis – you don’t really think about going out & doing something lovely for someone else. But when you do – when I did – I stopped seeing the lemons. Some of them are still there – I’m just not noticing them. Be extraordinary – don’t just tell those in your life that you care about them. Show them. And keep showing them even when you just want to crawl into bed & stay there. That will make you want to sing again! It's made me smile and sing and dance; it's brought joy into my life.

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  1. I love this, Mary Anne! A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a new family was moving into a house down the block from us. I had made some cupcakes and brownies for a football game for Eric, so I packaged some up for the new neighbors. I attached a card that told them "Welcome to the Neighborhood" and gave them our address & phone number and told her to call if they needed anything. I went over right in the middle of them moving and knocked on the door. I was kinda nervous since I didn't know these people from Adam. The "lady of the house" was in her late '20s and she was so super sweet. I also gave them some info about our church in case they were looking for a new church home. About a week later, I got the nicest thank you card in the mail and we wave back and forth now. I don't know if we will end up being lifelong friends, but I was sure glad I stepped out and did something like that for someone else. It really felt great! Thanks for this post!