Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 5

One of my favorite sounds is hearing birds chirp - not just hearing them chirp, but hearing them during those first few minutes of waking up - when I'm still cozy in bed & thinking about starting my day. There are lots of natural sounds I love - children laughing, ocean waves crashing, wind rustling through the palm trees - but none make me as instantly happy as hearing the birds sing first thing in the morning.

That's how I woke up yesterday. What a perfect way to start a Sunday. More birds were singing when I was leaving the gym. The sun on my face & birds singing in the trees - for me, that's a moment I can't quite describe. It will always instantly put a smile on my face.

And at times in that moment, I'm transported back to childhood visits to my grandparent's house. The palm trees, the sunshine, the birds singing while drinking fresh squeezed orange juice on the back patio. Juice that my sister & I made by squeezing the oranges my grandfather picked from the backyard.

How lovely it is that only little sound can flood me with such joy & such happy memories.

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