Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weeks 9 & 10

OK ... I know, it looks like I'm cheating the 52 weeks theory by combining two.... Only it's not. Because a very similar thing happened in both weeks & it was truly extraordinary.

Babies....  Don Herrod said "Babies are such a nice way to start people."  Well, that's true - but it's also the only way to start people. How great it would be if we could keep some of the childlike innocence & wonder alive as adults.

One of my absolute dearest friends had a beautiful baby girl on Oct 19. She is precious. I live close to these friends and was blessed with the opportunity to visit them in the hospital not long after she was welcomed into this world. The minute I walked into the room I was overcome with joy - pure joy & unconditional love. I was so overwhelmed that I started crying. It was such a priceless moment. And I was absolutely honored when my friend asked if I could be called "Aunt". I couldn't imagine anything lovelier.

Just 7 days later, I did become a "blood-aunt" again. This is the fourth time I've become an Aunt & I think that with each new time, my love for all of my nieces/nephews grows even more & I realize how lucky I am. My brother & sister-in-law in TN gave birth to their son on Oct 26. Unfortunately, I am not able to go visit until December. I'm aching to meet him & embrace my brother & his wife, but they have many house guests lined up between now & then. So I'll wait. I am beyond thrilled that I get to spend his first Christmas with them. And until then I will anxiously check email daily waiting on new photos of the most precious baby boy!

And as the saying goes "everything happens in threes" - I'll be an Aunt for the fifth time in the next couple of weeks.

Being an Aunt seriously rocks!  You get to play, do cool stuff, the rules are different at your house than at home. They get so excited to see you. When they get older they are excited to hear from you - either phone call, text, email or snail mail.

I remember when my oldest niece was 5. We lived only about 30 minutes apart. She was going to spend the afternoon with me & I promised to take her to Chuck E Cheese (side note: that was the one & only time I have ever taken a child to Chuck E Cheese). She called that morning begging to come over early & promised she'd be good while I ran my errands. How do you say no? So we arranged it & she was coming over early. My sister & her husband were going to his aunt's house that day... when they left, I asked my niece why she didn't want to go to that aunt's house. Her reply? "Because my mom has to go. She has to go everywhere I go." And that's true since my niece was 5 - with one exception. She could come to my house & her mom didn't always stay.  Yes, children need a break sometimes & that's where Aunts come in. And why Aunts rock!

Even if you vow to never go to Chuck E Cheese again, as an Aunt, you still pretty much rock!

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