Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week 12


"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task." - William James.

Ok - so I moved into my new house in August of 2009. It's a great house - a cute, older house only two miles to the beach - what's not to love, right? Yet how I long for the closet space, pantry space - basically all the storage space of my much newer townhouse that I left... I adore the charm of the old Florida house I have now. I adore that it is a "whole house" with a great yard just waiting for me to put a pool in. Lots of palm trees & tropical foliage. Really nice neighbors - which is a huge bonus living in South Florida. But darn the lack of storage....

When I moved, I went from a master bedroom that had a walk in closet & a wall closet - all mine seeing as how I am not married or shacked up - to a master bedroom with only a wall closet. The guest room has a walk in. (Go figure - guess that was the trade off in the 50s for having to walk down the hall to the bathroom...) So I've been using both. The guest closet pretty much had party dresses and extra purses, all my shoes that didn't fit in my master closet, plus the clothes that I truly in my heart believe that I will fit back into (OK - more truly desire to than belief that I will at this point). But then about 3 weeks after moving in one of the racks fell - right smack in the middle of the night - scare me to say the least - such a loud crashing noise. I moved stuff to other shelves & pulled that one out (it was the second time it had fallen). Then over the next 12 months the closet just morphed into a catch all... "Don't know where it goes? Put it in the guest closet for now". Well, that "for now" took on a whole new meaning - it seemed as though it was becoming a "for always".... So in my quest to pull things together, find my extraordinary, get a good sense of calm in my life, I am taking on each organizational challenge one at a time... October was the home office organization. That's done - Checked off the list.  November was to be the guest room closet - has to be done - I'm having out of town guests in December.

I'd been putting it off, was very intimidated by the task at hand - I thought it would be an all day affair. Mr. William James is correct - because I was definitely fatigued just thinking about this uncompleted, yet to be tackled task. But I did just that - I tackled it head on. I was realistic about what I would wear or wouldn't & put the definite no's aside for goodwill. I also made a promise to myself that if by this time next year I'm not back into those clothes I wish to be in then they go too. I put up some new shelving that will stay. And I must say - relief, achievement, fulfillment, a bit of pride all washed over me. Still do when I look in there. It is so organized & contained. Just so "right".

I don't want to be fatigued anymore from the "eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task". I am going to try to stop procrastinating and look back at the closet an an example of how you eat an elephant - take it one bite at a time. That's it. Whether the task takes a short amount of time or a longer one - as long as you take it one step at a time you'll be more energized than putting it off until you just can't any longer.

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