Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 20

(Week 20 ... more or less)

"Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again."  ~Chinese inscription cited by Thoreau in Walden

OK… So I'm back… I took almost a year off…  Did I accomplish my 52 weeks of extraordinary over the past year? Nah… I realize there isn't an end to this journey… it's just that – a journey, not an actual destination. More of a state of being, a way of living & thinking about life. I'll never perfect it but as long as I am continually aware of it, life will be more enjoyable & the dark days will become fewer & further between.  

Renewed, reignited, more resilient now than over the past year.  I'm far from perfect and definitely have a lot of room to grow & blossom. But I'm finding the extraordinary in the ordinary more often than not these days. And that's a good thing.  

I'm going to renew daily, again & again & forever again. That honestly seems the only logical thing to do.

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