Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 32

Was in yoga class last Friday - a treat for me since I don't typically get to go on Fridays. The instructor said something that stuck with me - "Everyone has a purpose in life. What's yours?"

I got to thinking - What is my purpose?  I don't have a solid, definitive statement on my purpose/goal in life & the steps it takes along the way to get there. I've always been terrified of that most common interview question - Where do you see yourself in five years, ten years? I've simply never had an answer that most people would find acceptable. My life isn't mapped out that way - sometimes I wish it were; sometimes I feel unfocused. But then other times I wonder if I had a solid map & stuck to it how much would I miss out on? I don't tend to be super flexible if I have a map, so I'm thinking I'd miss out on quite a bit.

My purpose? I think my purpose falls along the journey aspect of life rather than the destination. I think my purpose is to live a life of love, acceptance, grace and gratitude.

My answer to where I'll be in five years? Easy - I'll be living a life full of those & because of that I'll be loving my life. Which takes me to a plaque I saw in a different yoga studio several years ago: "Live a life of love & you'll love the life you live." How true is that?!?!?

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