Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 36

"Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances."  ~Wayne W. Dyer

Never judge a book by its cover… We hear that all too often.   A friend brought me a magazine claiming I would thoroughly enjoy it… I looked at the cover & I'm sure the expression on my face was not pleasant. The title was not one that I would ever in a million years consider picking up. It seemed a bit too edgy, a bit too gritty.  And while – according to my cousin – I have a bit of an edge to me that no one is really aware of unless they listen to the music on my iPod, the cover of this magazine seemed a little too hardcore for me.

My friend promised me that it would deliver more than I ever could expect if I would simply begin reading it & get totally lost in it.  So I did. And yes, I loved it. There are only two magazines that I read cover to cover for all they offer. This new one has now upped that list to three. The writing was intriguing and I did get totally lost in it. 

After putting it down, I exhaled deeply & smiled.  I am blessed – I have a friend who knows me oh so well – who knows what will draw me in & captivate me. A friend who found something that would do just that & shared it with me. A friend who insisted that I look beyond the appearance.  I am blessed to have such a friend. 

And I hope to always look for the good that lies beyond appearances because there is usually something intriguing that would have been missed otherwise.

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