Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 39

"A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.– Joyce Meyer
Attitudes… it’s kind of one of the foundations for your day.  At least it is for mine. It affects everything. And sometimes I have difficulty keeping mine in check.  Sometimes I allow the circumstances to have power over me.
This week was a prime example. Several disappointments. Aggravating clients. Tons of work piling up. Everyone wanting everything right now. It got to me this week. Maybe I need to go back & start wearing the purple bracelet again (A Complaint Free World). Or maybe I just need to keep breathing deeply, completely and focus on the positive.
On a particularly bad day this week I called my sister-in-law to chat with my almost three year old nephew…. Thought that might cheer me up. No pressure on him of course.  And it did. When I asked what he did that day he promptly told me he had just tooted. That was enough to take my mind off my bad day. He reminded me to live in the present. The bad stuff from earlier in the day was already in the past. Focus on the here, the now. And be perfectly happy that I was not afflicted with a case of gas.  
It all boils down to how you look at it – what you give your power to. Staying positive. Remembering that while not every day may be good – there is good in every day.  I’m going to focus my energy next week on keeping a positive attitude – even when it seems too difficult to achieve.

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